Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Road trip blankets

As I said the other day we are taking a vacation to Disney soon, and I want to have a few things for my kiddos on the road.  Since we are driving rather than a quick flight my girls will definitely want pillows and blankets with them.  I decided to find some small throws for them instead of big blankets that will take up tons of room.  
I picked up these throws at a bargain outlet store for 7 dollars apiece.  But I wanted them to be a little more special for my girls.  I added Minnie Mouse silhouettes to them.
Soo cute!  I was worried because the care instructions say "no iron"  but I had to try anyway.  :)  I used the Cricut design studio and welded three circles together.  I ironed my fabric to my Heat N Bond.  Then  just put it onto my Cricut mat.  The glue side of the fabric down against the adhesive mat worked great.  I cut four and then decided that the Mickey logo wasn't enough.  

They had to be Minnie so I cut four bows from the Rock Princess cartridge.  I ironed them all on but I used a tea towel over my throws and images. 

 I know my girls are going to love them!
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Naturally Carol said...

Thanks for coming by, your Minnie Mouses are really cute.

Mindy said...

What a fun idea! I'm sure they'll adore these!