Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Cutie Patootie Valentine Shirts

I had these two little t-shirts laying around since before Thanksgiving and I had planned on making them for our trip to Disney, but time got away from me.  So I figured I better use them before my two little ones grow out of them.  :)  
Here's an up close of what the hearts look like.  I wanted something a little more than a plain heart so I made it gathered.

I cut a six inch heart out with my cricut.  I traced it onto my heat n' bond and cut it out.  

I then ironed the heart onto the fabric.
Waited until it was cool and then cut the heart out and then peeled the paper backing off.  
I then ironed it onto the t-shirt.  To secure it even more I stitched around the heart.  The other shirt I ran a zig zag stitch around the heart.   I thought this shirt needed something else so I added the wide brown grosgrain ribbon to it.  I, of course, gathered that too.  
To attach, I just ran a stitch down the ribbon and cut the ends to fit to the heart.  And here are the finished shirts.

My two girlies couldn't wait to put them on when they got home from school.  :)
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