Monday, June 7, 2010

Coloring Briefcase

Who doesn't like coloring?  Here is a cute and quick take along coloring briefcase for your kiddos.  

Here's what you need:  3/4 yard of quilted fabric
1/4 yard of coordinating fabric for trim 
coloring book

Cut a rectangle from the quilted fabric 12 1/2 by18 inches (front and back).  
Cut two rectangles from the quilted fabric 6 1/2 by 12 1/2 inches (inside flaps).  
Cut two strips from the quilted fabric 2 by 13 inches (these are the handles).
Cut two strips from the coordinating fabric 2 by 13 inches (these are the handles).
Cut a rectangle from the coordinating fabric 3 1/2 by 10 inches (crayon pouch).
Cut two strips from coordinating fabric 1 by 12 1/2 inches (trim for the flaps).
Cut two strips from coordinating fabric 1 by 18 inches (trim).
I've used 1/2" seam allowance unless otherwise stated.

I started by putting the trim on everything first.  With right sides together pin 1" x 12 1/2" strip to one of the inside flaps.  Sew together.  Fold trim in 1/4" and press, then pin on other side of flap.  Stitch together.

Do this for the other flap and for the long edges of the front and back piece of the case.
Do you have everything trimmed out?  Cool.  Moving on. :)
Now for the handles.  With right sides together pin a 2"x13" quilted strip to a 2" X13" coordinating strip.  Sew both long sides together then turn.  Press.  Make the other handle the same way.
With the right sides together and the handle sandwiched in between the front/back piece and the flap pin it all together on one side.  We still have more work on the other flap.  
Take the 3 1/2"X10" piece of coordinating fabric and press down 1/4" of the long edges.  Stitch that down.  Now press the remaining three sides of the fabric down 1/4".  Position the stitched edge on the flap away from the trim.  Pin the pouch onto the flap and stitch the three sides down.
Now you have one big pouch.  Divide the pouch into eight small pockets for the crayons, approximately and inch apart.  I put a pin for each row and then stitched them down.
Almost done.  With right sides together and the handle sandwiched between the front/back and the flap with the crayon pocket, pin and sew.  Sew the other side also.  Turn them right side out and your done. 

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Jennifer Juniper said...

What a great handy coloring case! I love how you could customize this with different fabrics :)

the momma said...

This is such a sweet idea! I think 3 of these in the car for long trips would make my kids happy happy happy!

Misty said...

What a fun idea!! Thanks for linking @Creative Itch's "Sew Cute Tuesday"!

Patricia said...

Sweet! I almost want to make one for me...

polwig said...

I love this idea. One stop briefcase. My daughter absolutely loves to color, she is still a little young for drawing.

Laura said...

Whaaaat?! Oh my goodness, that is just TOO stinkin' adorable. A coloring briefcase...get outtat town! Do they come in blue? I should get one for my son. Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day. So nice to "meet" you! I'm a happy new follower. Keep in touch, girl!

Laura said...

Oh, and P.S--Is that your daughter in the picture (holding the briefcase)? If so, she's BEAUTIFUL!

Sachiko said...

So cute and fun! Thank you for linking to my party!

Kimberlee said...

L-O-V-E it! That is a great idea!!!

Kimberlee, from

Julie said...

I love this idea. My little girl loves to color and we are going on a car trip in a few weeks. This would be perfect. I'm glad I found you. I'm a new follower!

A Dixie Girls Delights said...

I will be making these to add to the goody bags for all the kiddos on my list this year my kids are going to LOVE this :) thanks for sharing Ashley