Sunday, June 27, 2010

Barn frame with vintage label

I have been trying my hand at woodworking lately.  FUN!!!  Here is a small project I started and finished in about 4 hours including painting and drying times.  The frame is from plans off of Knock-Off Wood.  I adjusted the plans to fit the label I have.  The label is actually from an old dollar store calendar.  I bought it years ago and loved the vintage labels and kept it to use sometime.  I have finally got around to using at least one of them.  I painted the frame with a cream color first and then sanded it and then put a wash of plum over that.  Then I sanded just the edges a bit to let the cream color come through a bit.  I thought it needed a little extra pop.  I used a little metallic finish that rubs on.  I went sparingly with it around the edges and around the inside of the frame.  It's hard to see the gold from the pictures but it really makes the difference.

I am loving this frame!!  The plans for the frame are here.
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Kim said...

You did a wonderful job--would have liked to seen you wielding those power tools :).

Rory from Tools Are For Women Too! said...

Love that you linked a project using power tools! Thanks for sharing your success on Modern Craftswoman Monday! Rory

Anonymous said...

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