Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Tutu Mania

I made tutus for Maggie and Emma over the weekend.  I found a few patterns online but sort of took a little from each and did what I like best.  Most of the ways to make them involved ribbon as the waist but I'm lazy and don't want to tie these things every time the girls want to wear them.  So I bought some non-rolling elastic and cut it to fit each of them plus an inch.  I marked them just so I wouldn't mix them up.

 I took out my trusty sewing machine and stitched the elastic together.   This could be done by hand also, but I hate hand sewing. 
 Now for lots of rolling and cutting.  I bought 8 yards of tulle for each tutu.  Roll the tulle into a tube and cut it every 5 inches or whatever size "curlers" (as Maggie and Emma called them) you want.

 Unroll the tubes and cut each strip in half.

Fold a strip of tulle in half and loop around the elastic, pull the two ends trough the loop and Voila!  Keep going until the elastic doesn't show.  I made mine really full and floofy (if that's even a word) but if you don't want it as full just don't use as much tulle. 

Here's Emma in her tutu.  This is the start of her Tinkerbell costume for Halloween. 

And here is Maggie in hers.  She's going as a ballerina princess this year.  

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