Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Lace-up gloves

I found this great pattern on Ravelry.com for these Lace-up Opera Gloves by Ysolda.  This pair is for Kat but I'm in the middle of making another pair for Mary Kate.  I had to change my needle size from 5 to 8 because the first glove I made was way too small.  Also instead of repeating the pattern rows 12 times I had to cut that down to 8 times, otherwise they would have been up to her armpits.  This was a really easy pattern except for figuring out how to do the left thumb gusset but that is probably just me.  :)  For the lacing I just got a 6 yard spool of grosgrain ribbon. 


Anonymous said...

OMG! How much fun are those??? :-) Love the color combination.
pk @ Room Remix

Amanda said...

Wow!! So fun! You are the coolest mom!